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Friday, December 12, 2008

U.S. Federal Government Has 193,000 Jobs To Fill

The government’s 2009 hiring needs have been reported:
193,000 mission-critical jobs need must be filled over the next two years. Based on a survey of 34 federal agencies (representative of nearly 99% of the federal workforce), we’ve gathered important information about five career paths that are projected to hire at record paces in 2009.

Inside each career profile you’ll find job descriptions, salary information, custom job board searches, and more:

Enforcement & Investigation: 37,515 New Hires
Medical & Public Health: 25,756 New Hires
Engineering & Sciences: 23,806 New Hires
Program Managers & Administrators: 17,373 New Hires
Accounting & Business: 12,959 New Hires

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