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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Personal Branding Online-5 Ways To Sell Yourself

Ready. Set. Go! Your own approach to online reputation management will be dependent on your career goals and personal comfort level with becoming visible online... Here are some excerpts from Kirsten Dixson's article Ideally, everyone would invest in a customized online portal for his or her personal brand (see examples at When you have your own blog or website designed, you have total control over how you present yourself. However, if you have limited time or funds, you may be wondering what you can do to establish or extend your online brand quickly and economically. Here are five free resources (some also have paid services):

1. Think of Naymz as the 411 to your online identity. Not only can you create a profile, but you can also point people to all the other online content that you want them to see. This includes your other social media profiles (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), websites, articles and relevant links.

2. BusinessCard2 is a virtual business card that is designed to show up in your search results. In addition to a downloadable vCard with contact information, you can include a bio, recommendations and attachments such as a resume, presentations, articles and photos.

3. LinkedIn is a must for every business professional, and it’s not just a networking tool. Create your profile at LinkedIn, and make it public. Chances are that you already have a LinkedIn profile, but you haven’t gotten it ready for public consumption. LinkedIn has good “Google juice,” so your public profile will typically rank high in the results when someone searches for your name.

4. VisualCV takes having your resume online to the next level by allowing you to back up your achievements with proof of your performance. Think of it as an online, multimedia executive portfolio that is template-like in design (your site looks like all the other VisualCVs). You can upload or link to relevant content that supports your claims and also control who sees what.

5. If you’ve read Kirsten Dixson's book or any of her previous articles, you know that she strongly advocates publishing articles or posting thoughtful blog comments related to your area of expertise. Searching Alltop will help you find the websites and blogs that would be effective in reaching your target audience.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Women Working In A Male-Dominated Office

Joining a male-dominated industry, like engineering, computer science or construction trades, can be intimidating. So can working in a predominantly male office. Women often figure out how to gain respect from male colleagues: It's imperative to establish yourself as an intelligent, no-nonsense employee. Read the rest of this article from the Wall Street Journal by going to this link: Here are some ways to navigate a mostly male office.

Monday, November 24, 2008

4th QTR IT hiring outlook: The helpdesk is hot

Eleven percent of CIOs plan to add IT workers in the fourth quarter... 3 percent plan cuts and help desk and technical support are the hot categories as customer and user support trumps projects focused on growth

Read the article:
Career Resources: Fourth quarter IT hiring outlook: The helpdesk is hot

Top 50 In-demand US Jobs 2006 Thru 2016

Here are the fifty most in-demand jobs for the forseeable future...the source is aren't bloggers listed?

The Real-Life Day-Jobs Of SuperHeroes

Yes even superheroes have to supplement their income these days, to wit...This video from "BigTimeAttic" via YouTube is a survey of people dressed as superheroes: at the San Diego ComiCon

World Unemployment Rates (est.2008)

Just wondering what the world unemployment rates are (estimated for 2008)...source for this map is from the CIA Fact Book:at least we are not in the "red" like some other countries

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Organize Your Work Space

This is something we all attempt to do from time to time, riiiiiight...Map of my desk at work:Idea stolen from a cartoonist